Basia Zaidan and Tranquility Property Management Co.

My husband and I and our partners asked Basia to manage our villa in July of 2007.  Up to that point we had suffered through a mediocre (at best) management experience with another company. What a change for the better!  Basia has done a wonderful job for us.  She is the ultimate professional, and cares for our home and our clients as if the villa belonged to her and the guests are personal friends.  She consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that a) the villa is in tip-top shape for every arriving party and b) that she is available to the guests for all their needs and questions. I have received more letters from happy clients in the past three months than I did for the first five years we used the other company!  Basia is also on top of things when it comes to keeping in contact with me regarding our accounts, and also any problems that we need to know about.  This also is a refreshing change, as with our previous company it was like pulling teeth to get an Basia is passionate about what she does, and that passion is evident in her work ethic and the love she has for her job.  She takes great personal interest in every property she manages and it shows!  I have no doubt that the guests that we’ve had in the past months will return over and over again largely due to Basia’s tremendous ability to make them feel cared for and at home. Most sincerely,

Karen Bishop, Turks and Caicos Villa Owner