We loved Pelican Vista – Feb 17-24 2018

We had a great time (at Pelican Vista) and loved the villa.  The rooms were beautiful and the layout wonderful.  Our thoughts were if we rent again we could invite another family there was so much space.  My only concern was with the alarm.  It became to tricky to set with people in the house…we ended up just using it while we were out.  Other than that, love it! Carole A and family, Feb 17 – 24 2018

My response:  I am thrilled you enjoyed your stay in TCI and that you loved Pelican Vista.  Next time, we’ll ensure that the upstairs guests have fobs to disengage the alarm should you choose to use it.  Ya’ll were amazing guests – my staff raved about how wonderful you were – and we can’t wait to welcome you back home again.  Basia Mar 16/18