Pelican Vista TCI review April 2016

Good morning!

pelican vista 2

I wanted to write to you and let you know about our experience in your wonderful villa! Pelican was just perfect for us. The pool and grill areas were amazing and same for the house. The house is very well maintained which made us guest feel more at home! We are definitely booking to come back in the near future. I can’t explain how much fun we had with the beach being so close and the third floor look out point for the sunset. Everything was just great.

grace bay beach beauty

Thank you so much for a wonderful vacation. We still all talk everyday how we wish we could be at the bar outside and tanning! Instead we are working in the humid weather in NJ :(. I will be sure to leave a great review for you on Trip Advisor.

All the best, Steven

P.S. As I’m telling my mom about the email I’m sending you and if she had any suggestions to include and she said no, but then commented to herself “I wish that was just our house” Ha! What a wonderful place!

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