Turks and Caicos Sailing and Yachting Adventures

Many people aren’t even aware of the Turks and Caicos Islands, but their attractions make them “hidden gems” in the Caribbean Sea. The low-key atmosphere and stunning beaches allow for plenty of relaxation and play. Sailing is one of the TCI’s most popular ways to play. Full day sailing adventures, bareboat charters, yacht races…Turks and Caicos offers it all.

Providenciales: Sail from the ‘Best Beach in the World’

Start your sailing adventure from Providenciales, or Provo in short, the main tourist island of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Take in the hot sun and ocean breeze as you stroll down Grace Bay Beach, honored by TripAdvisor with the 2011 Travelers’ Choice Beaches award as the top beach destination in the world.

Sailing Adventures

Added to the sailing experience are excursions that can make the journey more exotic and fun. Sailing adventures can include snorkeling, scuba diving, and bottom fishing for those who are ambitious enough to explore the splendor of the sea’s depths. Journey to tiny coves and islands nearby for a private outing. Those who like to get their feet wet (literally) have the luxury of enjoying water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and kiteboarding.

Sailing Opportunities on Grace Bay and Beyond


Feel the sensation of swift wind while sailing on a Hobie Cat catamaran alongside five-mile long Grace Bay Beach. Catamarans are available for rent in many areas throughout Provo. Depending on the vendor, Hobie Cats come in sizes of 13 or 17 feet long and can hold up to four people, so don’t be afraid to have your friends join you for the adventure. Catamarans rent for around $40-60 for one hour. A full day of catamaran sailing averages $150 in the Turks and Caicos.

Sailing Lessons

So you don’t know how to sail or you want to further master the wind and waves? Learn while you’re here with us. Many of the sailing spots on Provo are home to experienced instructors. Lessons are available ranging from true beginners to accomplished sailors looking to refine their skills.

Yachting in the Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a haven for the dedicated yachtsman. Yachting is a Provo staple due to its “excellent” anchorage at Sapodillo Bay in the south and dockage at Turtle Cove Marina in the north.

Look out for the annual regatta in South Caicos if you want to experience some of the most exciting sailboat racing in the Caribbean. Lots of great island activities grow up around Regattas. Outside of yacht races, visitors can enjoy raft racing, beauty pageants, food fairs, and other sporting activities, all combined into one giant beach party!

Sailboat Charters

Regattas aren’t the only way for you to get involved in the yachting scene. Sailboat charters are available throughout the Turks and Caicos. If you have no experience, the best way to charter a yacht is with a crew and captain. You and your family can kick back and enjoy the good life knowing you’re in expert hands.

Those with some sailing experience who want to help run the boat can get a charter with captain but without a crew. According to the Turks and Caicos Guide, the captain’s price is around $80 to $100 per day. For highly accomplished sailors who’ve been through every imaginable condition at sea, there’s the option to sail a bareboat charter which consists of you and your team as the captain and crew.

From the magnificent sunset of Providenciales to the pleasant isolation of Grand Turk, sailing offers the chance to explore all the enchanting areas in the archipelago. And yachting can take you beyond the Turks and Caicos Islands to surrounding islands in the Caribbean. Yachts from around the Caribbean come to dock in the harbors of Turks and Caicos and travel to the Bahamas due to the closeness of the two island chains.

Come Sail Away with Tranquility

To learn more about sailing and yachting, or to inquire about one of our Turks and Caicos private villas, contact us at 1-649-231-1474. Tranquility’s Guest Concierge can arrange all the details of your sailing adventure.